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Dr. Kellogg

Pain Free Fear Busters!

I’ve wanted to be a dentist ever since I was a young boy. At a very young age, I fell and broke my tooth. The kids at school told me their dental stories, which made things worse. I developed an extreme fear of the dentist which out far outweighed any tooth discomfort. My teachers made a big deal about my injury and joked because they knew my dad was a dentist. I did everything I could to not tell anyone, let alone have it fixed.

Eventually, my mother found out and I was rushed to dad’s office. My father and his assistant met me at the door. They took the time to sit beside me and calm my fears; they made me feel at home. I knew they would listen to me and really cared. The procedure went by quickly and easily. My problem was easily repaired and I got great care! I knew I was in capable hands and redeveloped my confidence in going to the dentist! The treatment I receive left a lifelong impact and I knew that the Kellogg Dental experience was different than what everybody talked about. It was at this point in my life that I knew I wanted to provide that same experience and make dentistry fun and easy for everyone just like my dad did for me that day.

Being the fourth generation in my family to work in the healthcare industry, I have a legacy to continue. My great-grandfather, John Harvey Kellogg, MD, invented Kellogg Corn Flakes breakfast cereal. He was a pioneer in health and believed that dentistry was essential to a person’s well-being. He believed that having the ability to properly chew and digest one’s food, consume healthy foods, is basic to life. Now, I am a dentist like my father and grandfather before me.

The patients who come to my team and me are incredible individuals. We love to see them excel in their lives and our practice supports their success by helping them feel better, look better, and smile more often with a big healthy smile. Our patients entrust us with their health, maintenance and the restoration of their mouths. We do not take that responsibility lightly and do all we can to ensure that their treatment achieves amazing results.

We love what we do. There are few professions wherein an individual is allowed to be such an active participant in changing lives for the better, however, dentistry is one.

We will take great care of you!


I am a staunch advocate of continuing education, no matter what one’s profession. This is especially true for those in the oral healthcare field, where there are medical and technological advancements on a seemingly daily basis. As a dentist, it is my duty to ensure my patients receive the most effective care available, and I can only make sure that happens by staying at the forefront of my field. I am continually seeking out education offerings in dental care to hone my skills and increase my knowledge.


I am also a staff member at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Howell.


  • Fellowship in the American Academy of General Dentistry
  • Mastership in the American Academy of General Dentistry
  • Fellowship in the International Academy of Dental Implantology
  • Michigan Eagle Scout of the Year
  • Senior Dental Student of the Year, American Academy of General Dentistry, University of Michigan Dental School
  • Ohio State University Graduate Mini-residency in Prosthetics
  • University of Minnesota Graduate Esthetic program
  • Tucker Institute
  • People’s Choice Winner – Best Dentist in Livingston County 7 years


I was born and raised in Howell, MI and graduated from Howell High School before attending Michigan State University for my undergrad. After MSU, I went to the University of Michigan Dental School. After graduating from Dental School, I returned to Howell because of my family ties here, the benefits of raising a family in this community, and the memories I created here growing up. When I’m not caring for my patients, you will find me spending time with family, attending charity events, functions, or playing golf or tennis. Family is very important to me. I look forward to every moment I can spend with my daughters, Laura and Hannah, my son, Ryan, my granddaughters, Olivia and Cloee, and my dog, Angel. My parents taught me to always be grateful and appreciative. As a young boy my weekends involved helping others. My parents volunteered with many organizations giving service and time to making others’ lives better. I did not like it then and did not understand it as I watched my friends’ involvement in sporting events and other things. Now I love it and share their passion. My dad told me it would grow on me and I’m glad he insisted.

I am involved with my church and have led multiple Dental Mission trips to South America. Cooking has become a passion of mine over the years as well. I have attended many overseas culinary schools to expand my skills including Barcelona, Valencia, the Basque Country in Spain, and throughout France.